From resilience
to empowerment

When sport teaches self-esteem, 

when the body triggers transformation

Our core belief

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Sport places the body at the centre of the resilience process.

Associated with theoretical research (medical and psychological) and practice (in the field), it allows women who were victims of violence to rebuild themselves and to rediscover self-confidence.

Our mission

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We accompany all vulnerable women with an original, interdisciplinary approach based on the values of karate :

• The art of combat sport takes on another dimension

• Self-respect is the beginning of respect of others 

• Re-connecting the head, the heart and the body creates an impact  

• Inclusion becomes meaningful

Our actions

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In order to develop an interdisciplinary approach based on the body, Fight for Dignity positions itself as a committed start-up and is launching an initiative around several projects that you can support via the setting up of a network of women survivors who are educators 


Centred around the resilience of women with a scientific committee composed of Ghada Hatem (Médecin chef de la Maison des Femmes of Saint-Denis, Expert-visiteur coordonnateur chez Haute Autorité de Santé), Gilles Vieille-Marchiset (University professor and director of the Sports and Social Sciences laboratory at the the University of Strasbourg), Linda Tromeleue (Psychologist), Laurence Fischer … and the University of Strasbourg in partnership with La Maison des Femmes de Saint Denis.

• Impact study on the practice of karate 

• Production of a methodology guide

• Teacher-training

At the international level

Follow-up and training of teachers and beneficiaries within la maison DORCAS (DRC)

La maison des femmes

Since March 2018, Fight For Dignity and La Maison des Femmes have been working together and combining their expertise and commitment to women so as to become an innovative accelerator of resilience.

Laurence Fischer

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Laurence Fischer is a top-level international athlete, three-time karate world champion, mother and committed activist for education through sport. She founded Fight For Dignity in 2017.

Laurence Fischer

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After an initial experience in Afghanistan, Fight For Dignity began its initiatives in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) with the support of Doctor Denis Mukwege, “the man who repairs women”, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate 2018.
In France as well, Laurence met with many activists who confirmed the lack of initiatives relating to the re-appropriation of one’s body proposed to women who are victims of violence. She followed up on these actions at La  Maison des Femmes de Saint-Denis by accompanying women through the practice of karate. Her strength and ambition have enabled her to create an interdisciplinary community of « joyful benefactors » who accompany her in her missions and actions for Fight for Dignity.

In 2019, Laurence launched a series of workshop-conferences and empowerment programs to promote greater inclusion in organizations. She also runs creativity, empowerment and self-esteem workshops. 

Fight for Dignity's bags

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Thanks to your kimono donations and our collaboration with Bilum, we’ve created a brand or recycled bags and pensilcases. For more informations, click here

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